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Subnautica Free Download Unfitgirl

Subnautica Free Download

Subnautica Free Download Unfitgirl

Subnautica Free Download Unfitgirl There are certain moments in my gaming past I’d love to somehow wipe from my brain just so I could experience them again, fresh and unspoiled. Plunging into the sometimes beautiful, sometimes terrifying, sometimes disorienting aquatic world of Subnautica for the first time is one of those moments. Not since Minecraft have I fallen so easily in love with an open-world survival craft-em-up, and in a lot of ways, including the gripping story, developer Unknown Worlds has done even better. Subnautica is gripping from the very first moments, as you’re ejected from a disintegrating starship onto a watery alien world. Beyond the relative safety of your life pod, an expansive, diverse range of aquatic biomes brimming with awe and personality awaits. From the shallow, murky kelp forests to the surreal, alien shark-infested expanse of the underwater islands, the surprises never seemed to cease as I pushed to explore further and deeper. Along the way, I discovered the foreboding, Ridley Scott-esque wreck of the ship that brought you here to explore… and a couple other surprising detours I don’t want to spoil. One of the most unexpected things about Subnautica, in comparison to other games in its genre, is that it’s legitimately terrifying. I don’t mean the tension of possibly losing my inventory when being chased by a shark. I’m talking about the kind of fear I feel when playing Amnesia or Outlast. Drifting in the open water by moonlight, knowing the sea floor may be hundreds of meters below me and safety is nowhere in sight, all while the echoing wails of massive, predatory leviathans resonate from somewhere in the inky black, never failed to make my heart rate rise. Wait – did that last one sound closer? As an absolute masochist when it comes to horror, I found these moments delightfully unsettling. Unfitgirl.COM SEXY GAMES

Subnautica Free Download Unfitgirl
Subnautica Free Download Unfitgirl

One of the most unexpected things about Subnautica is that it’s legitimately terrifying. Subnautica further cements its horror credentials by sometimes making you helpless against enemies. Your survival knife or the industrial drill on the PRAWN exosuit can make short work of some of the smaller hostiles, but the ocean’s apex predators are practically unkillable. Awareness, stealth, and distraction are your best tools for survival in the dangerous depths. Some of my most memorable moments were running my Cyclops submarine on silent while I tried to navigate a passageway without alerting the sea monster patrolling it. The crafting system is robust, if fairly straightforward: you gather resources from the ocean floor to build expansive, modular seabases and unlock new tools. The major turning points are when you unlock the Seamoth, and later the much larger Cyclops, which allow you to reach deeper biomes without being crushed like a tin can and thus access higher-tier resources. The progression dragged in a couple spots – like when you first get the Seamoth but still can’t access most of the resources needed to upgrade its diving depth. Building a scanning room at my seabase was a big help there. Positional audio became my best friend in figuring out what types of creatures were around.All the while, the sense of being submerged is made so much more real by the excellent muted, watery sound effects. Positional audio eventually became my best friend in figuring out what types of creatures were around, and where they were located. Each biome has, in addition to a very strong visual identity, a music track that cements the mood. The pulsing beat of the Blood Kelp Zone told me exactly what I needed to know: mainly that I was going to need to Alt + Tab out and look at pictures of puppies for a while when it was done with me.

Hunters and collectors

This is of course not easy. Because apart from the fact that you are all alone on a huge ocean, you also lack the necessary raw materials at the beginning of the game to produce important equipment such as diving equipment and radiation protection suits or tools such as scanners and compasses. And then there’s the matter of food – because in the main game mode you also have to make sure you consume water and food regularly in order not to bless the dead. Luckily, the supply of the essentials can already be ensured with the first dive: Fish such as bubbly or boomerangs can be boiled in the fabricator of your escape pod, bladder fish are used to filter the actually undrinkable seawater. On the other hand, my immersion was often disrupted by huge amounts of pop-in and jarring level of detail changes, especially when operating a fast vehicle like the Seamoth. There are no draw-distance sliders in the options, which was frustrating as my PC was able to handle Subnautica’s max settings with a stable framerate. I would have loved to push the boundaries a bit more to try to smooth that out. When the graphics are fully rendered, though, they’re striking and communicative. The variety of alien life strikes a balance between nods to recognizable sea creatures and alien weirdness that made me want to swim up close to even the tiniest fish and crustaceans you admire the detail. Occasionally, this resulted in me getting a bite taken out of my face – but in general, the shape and sound of a creature tells you what you need to know at a glance. Predators look like predators, with sleek outlines and prominent teeth, while less fearsome fauna tends to reflect its role in the ecosystem with a more welcoming silhouette. NBA 2K21

Subnautica Free Download Unfitgirl
Subnautica Free Download Unfitgirl

The plot goes as deep as the foreboding depths.The icing on the cake is that Subnautica actually does a really good job of telling a compelling story around its survival gameplay. It would be unforgivable for me to spoil any of the surprises you’ll discover in the course of simply trying to get enough food and drinkable water to stay breathing. But suffice it to say the plot goes as deep as the foreboding depths, with the complexity and nuance of a great sci-fi film. Each step along the way includes well-written journal entries and audio logs with uncommonly high-quality voice acting. Perhaps most praiseworthy of all, it doesn’t pull that “Good luck finding the main story!” nonsense so many other open-world survival games are guilty of. Clear map landmarks and a short-wave radio continue to provide the clues throughout to nudge you in the right direction, so you never feel like you absolutely have to go poring over a wiki to figure out what to do next. The elevator pitch for Subnautica doesn’t exactly sound like Game of the Year material. A survival horror crafting game set almost entirely underwater? Colour me sceptical. But Unknown Worlds’ PC sensation, which hit Steam earlier this year and is now available on PS4 and Xbox One, makes a memorable impression from its very first moments, in which your character straps himself into an escape pod of a plummeting spaceship, only to emerge stranded upon a strange and unforgiving oceanic planet.

Create, create, build base

For example, these blueprints form the basis of the mobile vehicle station, which you can use to craft various underwater vehicles, from the Sea Moth, a small one-person submarine, to the giant Cyclops, or advanced tools such as the laser cutter. It’s a brilliant setup, executed with precision and zeal, but Subnautica’s sea legs extend well beyond its opening introduction. Following the crash, players are free to dive into the depths beneath their floating, busted escape pod, which acts as an official base of operations in the game’s early hours. You’ll need to explore your surroundings, gather resources, upgrade and craft new gear, and ultimately try to learn what happened to your crew, while figuring out if there’s any way of escaping this subaquatic nightmare. And, to be clear, Subnautica is very much a nightmare. While Unknown Worlds has done a fabulous job capturing the bioluminescent beauty of life under the sea, that sense of marvel and curiosity will eventually devolve into abject fear as you begin to discover the monsters and cryptids that roam these very same waters. All of us have a touch of thalassophobia ingrained into our psyche, and Unknown Worlds heartily plays into that universal fear of not knowing what lurks beneath our feet when swimming in the great big blue. Subnautica’s sound design, in particular, is phenomenal at toying with your paranoia. You’ll often hear the distant (or worryingly not so distant) roars and wails of unknown creatures from across the murky expanse of its several ecologically distinct biomes, while the game’s smart deployment of haunting choral and futurist techno tracks powerfully evokes the alien, operatic scale of your briny surroundings. NBA 2K20

Subnautica Free Download Unfitgirl
Subnautica Free Download Unfitgirl

Unknown Worlds has done a fabulous job capturing the bioluminescent beauty of life under the sea It’s true that you can craft a handful of weapons to defend yourself, but you’re very much on the lower rungs of the food chain in this extraterrestrial ecosystem, and that vulnerability feeds into the game’s scariest moments with Subnautica’s bestiary of predators large and small. I’d be criminal to spoil any of said moments here, but let’s just say that my emergent encounters with some of the Leviathans, Subnautica’s awe-inspiring sea giants, hasn’t left me this panicked and petrified in a video game since Resident Evil 7. Unlike many other survival games, which tend to expunge narrative in favour of more freeform sandbox gameplay, Subnautica’s story is a well written, surprisingly well acted sci-fi mystery that adds further impetus to continuing your playthrough well into the 30 hour mark. Your escape pod’s radio is a constant source of side-quests that piece together a narrative throughline, maintaining the game’s forward momentum by drip feeding contextual information and dramatic revelations that enrich your understanding of the world and its many secrets. Subnautica is one of the so-called Robinsonades, like “The Martian”, “Castaway” or “Moon”, which are based on the character of the same name created by Daniel Defoe. This genre hasn’t just been trending in pop culture since yesterday. Central to the genre is what loneliness does to people and how they more or less successfully develop mechanisms to deal with it. Equally important: the idea that with enough ingenuity, survival is possible even in the worst of situations.

Bit by bit to story luck

At least there is something to do until you wait for the next story tidbit. Because Subnautica’s pacing is rather slow and gradually introduces you to the background story of the Aurora crash, including unexpected twists. The real masterpiece about it: the story never seems artificial, but always well thought out and told in an exciting way – although it mostly takes place in recordings and transmissions. The authors of the survival sim have done a great job here. At this point, the masses of mostly mediocre survival titles that have flooded the gaming market in recent years hook in. Subnautica, on the other hand, was already a rare jewel with a great twist in its PC version: Instead of putting the protagonist on a lonely island with water as a natural barrier, the cool water itself becomes the scene of the story.The main features are quickly told: The crew of the Aurora is actually only supposed to set up a phase gate in the orbit of the planet 4546B when their spaceship crashes due to an initially unexplained malfunction. As an unnamed crew member, you still manage to board one of the escape pods, but are knocked out by flying metal parts. When you wake up, your escape pod is the only one still intact floating on the surface of the almost entirely water-covered planet. Your goal: explore the underwater world and somehow find a way home.

Subnautica Free Download Unfitgirl
Subnautica Free Download Unfitgirl

But there was a sloppiness at another, not entirely insignificant point. During our test, there were repeated crashes during the saving process that could not be reliably reproduced. In some situations, the progress of up to half an hour wasted – which is more than annoying when you have to fight for every rare resource at the beginning of the game and your dives are strictly limited by low oxygen capacity. This bug, which will probably be patched out quickly anyway, does not harm the excellent overall package of the game, but not noticeably, just as little as the inventory management, which is very notchy in places. Because although both disturb the otherwise exemplary flow of the game from time to time, the overwhelming rest of Subnautica is a brightly colored interpretation of the classic Robinsonade, without the unnecessary ballast of comparable survival titles and the more than unsavory colonialist and imperialist undertones of the literary template. The ‘bad underwater level’ is an infamous cliche in video games, but the irony with Subnautica is that it does precisely the opposite. Swimming, aside from the fiddliness of trying to catch smaller fish, is a smooth and breezy joy, but things immediately regress above water, which controls more like a sluggish and substandard first-person exploration game. NBA 2K19

Subnautica’s terra firma looks a lot worse than its pelagic counterpart, too, where the flat, ungainly textures suddenly bring the game’s production values down almost to Steam shovelware quality. Luckily, you won’t be spending too much time on land in Subnautica, and their story focused purpose helps to make the excursions a little more palatable, especially as a breather from all the terrors beneath the sea.But Subnautica’s indie budget has also come at the cost to its performance, at least on console. Playing on PS4, I encountered repeated framerate hitches during a number of specific moments, and while they only lasted seconds at time, their predictability did undo some of Unknown Worlds’ excellent work in creating such an immersive and enchanting milieu. If you’re making a game where coming up for air is one of the most important and recurrent activities for the player, maybe it shouldn’t freeze almost every time they reach the ocean’s surface.

Add-ons (DLC):Subnautica

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows Vista SP2 or newer, 64-bit
Processor: Intel Haswell 2 cores / 4 threads @ 2.5Ghz or equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD 4600 or equivalent – This includes most GPUs scoring greater than 950 points in the 3DMark Fire Strike benchmark
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 20 GB available space
Additional Notes: Subnautica is an Early Access game, and minimum specifications may change during development

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows Vista SP2 or newer, 64-bit
Processor: Intel Haswell 4 cores / 4 threads @ 3.2Ghz or equivalent
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GTX 550 Ti or equivalent, 2GB VRAM
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 20 GB available space
Additional Notes: Subnautica is an Early Access game, and recommended specifications may change during development.


  1. Open the Start menu (Windows ‘flag’ button) in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  2. At the bottom of the Start menu, type Folder Options into the Search box, then press the Enter key.
  3. Click on the View tab at the top of the Folder Options window and check the option to Show hidden files and folders (in Windows 11, this option is called Show hidden files, folders, and drives).
  4. Click Apply then OK.
  5. Return to the Start menu and select Computer, then double click Local Disk (C:), and then open the Program Files folder. On some systems, this folder is called ‘Program Files(x86)’.
  6. In the Program Files folder, find and open the folder for your game.
  7. In the game’s folder, locate the executable (.exe) file for the game–this is a faded icon with the game’s title.
  8. Right-click on this file, select Properties, and then click the Compatibility tab at the top of the Properties window.
  9. Check the Run this program as an administrator box in the Privilege Level section. Click Apply then OK.
  10. Once complete, try opening the game again


  1. First you will need YUZU Emulator. Download it from either Unfitgirl, .. Open it in WinRar, 7ZIP idk and then move the contents in a folder and open the yuzu.exe.
  2. There click Emulation -> Configure -> System -> Profile Then press on Add and make a new profile, then close yuzu
    Inside of yuzu click File -> Open yuzu folder. This will open the yuzu configuration folder inside of explorer.
  3. Create a folder called “keys” and copy the key you got from here and paste it in the folder.
  4. For settings open yuzu up Emulation -> Configure -> Graphics, Select OpenGL and set it to Vulkan or OpenGL. (Vulkan seems to be a bit bad atm) Then go to Controls and press Single Player and set it to custom
  5. Then Press Configure and set Player 1 to Pro Controller if you have a controller/keyboard and to Joycons if Joycons. Press Configure and press the exact buttons on your controller After you’re done press Okay and continue to the next step.
  6. Download any ROM you want from Unfitgirl, .. After you got your File (can be .xci or .nsp) create a folder somewhere on your PC and in that folder create another folder for your game.
  7. After that double-click into yuzu and select the folder you put your game folder in.
  8. Lastly double click on the game and enjoy it.

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