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LEGO DC Super-Villains Free Download Unfitgirl

LEGO DC Super-Villains Free Download

LEGO DC Super-Villains Free Download Unfitgirl

LEGO DC Super-Villains Free Download Unfitgirl Playing through LEGO DC Super-Villains, I couldn’t help but make comparisons to 2016’s Suicide Squad film. Whereas the critically-panned movie favored style over substance, LEGO DC Super-Villains is both stylish and jam-packed full of fun action. With a surprisingly engaging plot, a huge amount of variety, and enjoyable fan service there is a ton to love in Traveller’s Tales latest LEGO game. What’s more impressive, the longtime developer of LEGO games somehow figured out a way to, for the most part, keep things fresh. Of all mediums out there, comics have always had some of the best villains ever imagined with deep backstories and booming personalities so infectious that they often rival the very heroes they’re meant to foil. There can be no Batman without The Joker and no Superman without Lex Luthor. To carry on this legacy, LEGO DC Super-Villains draws from comics to put you in control of its massive roster of evil-doers from DC’s multi-decade history of fantastic characters. Plus, for the first time ever, LEGO DC Super-Villains sticks your own custom creation at the center of the story. In LEGO DC Super-Villains the Justice League has officially gone missing. A mysterious group of Justice League-esque villains show up and call themselves the Justice Syndicate, but in actuality, they’re the reason for The Justice League’s disappearance and they’re only here to assist Darkseid in his evil plans for obliteration. Similar to the plot of the Suicide Squad film, LEGO DC Super-Villains is all about teamwork in the face of disagreement and adversity, but this time it actually works better. Unfitgirl.COM SEXY GAMES

LEGO DC Super-Villains Free Download Unfitgirl
LEGO DC Super-Villains Free Download Unfitgirl

It eschews the grimdark tone for something full of whimsical humor and fun gags to push the story along. LEGO DC Super-Villains has one of the best voice casts of any game in recent memory. In addition to Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, and Tara Strong reprising their iconic roles as Batman, The Joker, and Harley Quinn, Michael Ironside is back as Darkseid for the first time in over a decade, since his days voicing the character in Superman: The Animated Series and Justice League cartoons. In fact, even Nathan Drake voice actor Nolan North joins the cast to voice Ultraman, the Justice Syndicate’s alternate dimension version of Superman. The writing is excellent and this cast really elevates an otherwise by-the-numbers comic story into something special for the LEGO series. Your hand-crafted villain really is at the core of the story. While some other LEGO games have experimented with character creation a bit, in LEGO DC Super-Villains your hand-crafted villain really is at the core of the story. Your character is a silent protagonist (antagonist?) and consequently the frequent butt of jokes from Catwoman, The Joker, Harley Quinn, which evoked some genuine meta-level chuckles from me. You have a ton of power over your character’s design, from how he or she looks cosmetically, to the supervillain powers that affect gameplay. My baddy, named Jagger, carries an axe and has glowy hands, because obviously. But if I’d wanted, he could have just been in his underwear without any weapons or glowing hands, or no cape and a sword. The system is quite flexible because you can pick options inspired by existing villains, or create something from scratch.

The fun of being bad

But if you don’t care much about crafting your own custom rule-breaker, fear not: You won’t be stuck with your creation the whole time. You can hold down a button to bring up character selection and switch to a collection of other villains on the fly. Character-swapping is something I used often both by choice and necessity. The Joker’s powerful exploding pies and handguns are great fun, but sometimes I just wanted to roller skate around as Harley Quinn carrying a boombox, walloping enemies with her hammer because it made me smile. Pretending to be a good guy and playing as Nightwing is fine, but switching to Clayface and growing twice my size to clear a room is thrilling in its own way. Only certain characters have the ability to recruit henchmen to do their bidding, which is necessary to solve some puzzles. Many of LEGO DC Super Villain’s puzzles can only be solved by one or two characters, as indicated very clearly by character portraits above the puzzles. Unfortunately, puzzle solving is pretty shallow. When the solution to 90% of your puzzles is just “do what you just tried to do, but with this character instead” there really isn’t much challenge there. Though the character selection helps keep things interesting, the combat in LEGO DC Super-Villains is simple and repetitive — a longtime LEGO series problem. All of the over-160 characters look distinct but share the same basic melee-type attacks, area-of-effect-type attacks, and chargeable range attacks. The combat in LEGO DC Super-Villains is simple and repetitive. Age of Empires IV

LEGO DC Super-Villains Free Download Unfitgirl
LEGO DC Super-Villains Free Download Unfitgirl

Like all other LEGO games, LEGO DC Super-Villains feels like it was created with kids in mind. Combat is simple, puzzles are easy, and the plot is relatively straightforward. Even the jokes are written so that a young child can keep up. That isn’t to say it isn’t good, but it’s just juvenile from top to bottom with little complexity. Since this is a game about playing as evil characters, you’d expect them to do some pretty twisted things. Since it’s all kid-friendly and told through the lens of LEGO blocks, there’s no actual mature content here that isn’t softened by the LEGO presentation. For example, as a bad guy, the evil part of my GTA-trained brain engaged and got bloodthirsty. I got a kick out of watching police officers explode into a confetti of LEGO brick body parts and seeing pedestrians flail as I ran them over with their own stolen car. But it never jived well with the tone and style; it feels like a slight identity issue. For the most part, all of the things that would result in an M rating (wanton violence) is replaced with LEGO silliness. In this way, it feels like more of a LEGO game than a DC game which isn’t necessarily bad but does come off as more of a presentation mismatch than in past LEGO games. Like LEGO Marvel Superheroes and LEGO Batman 2: DC Superheroes before it, LEGO DC Super-Villains is an open-world game with missions that like to whisk you away to segmented levels and interior destinations. You can explore both Gotham and Metropolis, as well as many iconic DC universe locations, as you complete missions and challenges all across the overworld.

Old sorrow, known Freud

There are tons of collectibles to find, but I never felt much desire to go out of my way to find them. Brick collecting may appeal to fans hunting for Trophies or Achievements, but it feels like filler rather than anything meaningful this time around. Driving around the open world fun, and you can summon vehicles just as easily as you change characters if you don’t feel like stealing something on the street. Co-op works great, like in previous LEGO adventures, and leads to some really fun team-ups that you wouldn’t normally expect in any other official DC-branded content, such as Captain Cold and Wonder Woman adventuring together. It reminds me a bit of playing with action figures as a kid and imagining partnerships that I’d never see on the big screen. For the last 23 years, TT Games has been making all manner of games full of studs, bricks and other Danish building blocks. The LEGO series, in its many forms, has hardly been a bastion of consistent innovation but has always offered a fun and safe place for some light platforming and basic combat. LEGO DC Super-Villains doesn’t break this tradition – with only a handful of ‘new’ changes – but that doesn’t stop it from being an enjoyable entry regardless. Considering this is technically the fourth instalment in the DC Comics-based series, you’d think another game involving Gotham, the Joker and the Bat Family would fall into the same predictable story beats. But, as its name suggests, this game is all about the big bads and it’s 100 percent better for it. Airport CEO

LEGO DC Super-Villains Free Download Unfitgirl
LEGO DC Super-Villains Free Download Unfitgirl

With some familiar voices from across the years lending their instantly recognisable tones – including Mark Hamill’s incomparable Joker and Michael Ironside’s booming Darkseid – it’s already off to an authentic start. Even the likes of Kevin Conroy (Batman) and Michael Rosenbaum (The Flash) are here (but you’ll blink and you’ll miss them). With the dastardly Justice Syndicate arriving from Earth-3 and seemingly beaming the Justice League to their own dimension, the Legion of Doom suddenly finds itself having to gather together its most powerful members and potentially perform some uncharacteristically heroic deeds. The result is the chance to play as a rogues’ gallery of characters we’ve always fought from the other side, and it makes for an eclectic new roster. Clayface can change his shape to mimic other powers or pose as another character in order to gain access to new areas, the Joker can recruit goons to perform unique tasks and Reverse Flash can enter the ‘Speed Force’ to create super-builds in spectacular fashion. However, the ability to create your own character is now placed centre stage, enabling you to design and customise your own infamous baddie and personalise everything from their costume right through to the colour of their powers. Your character is mute, in true classic LEGO game fashion, but as you progress you’ll gradually unlock more and more abilities that will make your unique villain a force to be reckoned with. Custom character building has been present in the series for years, but it’s always been tacked onto the side as an added – but ultimately pointless – extra.

Joker is one of the main characters

Here, TT Games takes full advantage of the concept by periodically unlocking new pieces for your mini-fig as you complete each of its 15-plus levels. You can personalise your avatar at any time from the menus, including the power to take on super-speed (complete with a jittery idle animation) and an enemy-clearing slam attack. Despite having such an impressive roster of bad guys to unlock (there are over 80 in total) and utilise, don’t expect a story that sees them embrace their villainy to their full potential. This is no DCEU-esque Suicide Squad spin-off. It’s a shame that TT Games hasn’t attempted to at least incorporate a little more bad guy activities into the mix; there are races to complete and things to vandalise, but this is a LEGO game after all, so sugar-coated naughtiness is the order of the day. It seems almost a waste that you’re being the bad guy but can’t entirely indulge your truly wicked side. The Switch version happens to be one of the best ports the multi-platform series has produced yet. Once again, you’re getting access to the full version of the game playable elsewhere, with high-quality assets (you barely notice the jagged edges and occasional use of blurring), dynamic lighting and very little slowdown. There are also some relatively short loading times overall, which is a pleasant surprise considering how big the central hubs are. It runs consistently well in both docked and undocked modes, so need to worry about a drop in performance if you’re collecting studs on the go. Alan Wake Remastered

LEGO DC Super-Villains Free Download Unfitgirl
LEGO DC Super-Villains Free Download Unfitgirl

There’s also support for drop-in/drop-out co-op – as is custom with the series by now – so you can split your Joy-Cons or grab an extra Pro Controller for some team-based action. Using co-op can get a little hectic when in tabletop mode, so we found sticking to the TV is the best way to play with a friend. If you don’t know Wolfmother’s The Joker and the Thief, you’re going to get an extreme dose of it. The song plays on the main menu and in the Hall of Doom in the game. I get using the song, as it’s a villains title and the but it still struck me as a bit odd as they don’t really use licensed songs with lyrics in any other LEGO game. Music notwithstanding, it’s that time of the year again, LEGO time! Traveller’s Tales really has this LEGO schedule down; last we saw the Incredibles take brick form, and now we’ve come back around to the DC universe which hasn’t been utilized since 2014’s LEGO Batman 3 (if you don’t count LEGO Dimensions). LEGO DC Super-Villains, you guessed it, stars the villains of the DC universe (but don’t worry, the heroes aren’t forgotten and are still unlockable). Within the first half hour we see the Justice League trapped by the Justice Syndicate and now it’s time for the villains to take the spotlight and figure out what they’re up to. In my opinion, the story in the LEGO games work best when they aren’t tied to a movie and can craft their own story and that’s why LEGO DC Super-Villains works so great. On top of an all new original story, we have an all new LEGO game feature.

When you start up the story you’re tasked with creating your own villain. Now I know there are creation slots in the other LEGO games, but nothing as robust as what is featured here. On top of being a deep creation tool that includes giving your villain powers and abilities, he or she will also be featured throughout the story, which I really enjoyed as it wasn’t the same cookie cutter LEGO formula. First you craft your own villain and then it’s time to team up with all of the DC villains and get to the bottom of this Justice Syndicate. Like any good LEGO title, there’s no shortage of playable mini figures and they really went all in on the villains and made sure to include some really obscure ones (hello Clock King and Kite Man). So you have a unique story, custom character (that’s featured throughout the story) and a huge cast of villains… it sure looks like they’re checking off all my boxes. What about the voice cast? This one gets another big check from me. You see, I was raised on Batman the Animated Series and love the Arkham games as well. Between those two, we have four voiced characters that I immediately recognized. My one true Joker, Mark Hamill, makes his LEGO debut and comes out of his self-spoken of retirement. Having him featured just adds so much more gravitas to the character and really makes the story play out that much more. The rest of the cast should not be shortchanged, but the Animated and Arkham voices just grabbed hold of me. Moving on from the praise, we need to talk about the gameplay. LEGO gameplay is almost as cookie cutter as an annual sports game, but it has become expected.

Add-ons (DLC):LEGO DC Super-Villains

-Shazam Movie Level Pack Bundle -Aquaman Bundle Pack – Batman: The Animated Series Level Pack – Shazam Movie Part 2 – Shazam Movie Part 1 -Young Justice Animated Series
-DC Movies Character Pack -Aquaman Pack 2 – Movie Level Pack 1 -Justice League Dark Character Pack -DC Super Heroes: TV Character Pack -DC Super-Villains: TV Character Pack
-Season Pass -Deluxe Edition – LEGO DC Heroes and Villains Bundle -The LEGO Games Bundle -LEGO® DC Super-Villains – Steam Sub 255209
Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core i3-4130
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: Radeon R9 280X or GTX 660 Ti
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 16 GB available space

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
OS: Windows 10
Processor: AMD Ryzen 3 1200 or Intel Core i5-3470
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 750 Ti or Radeon HD 7770
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 16 GB available space


  1. Open the Start menu (Windows ‘flag’ button) in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  2. At the bottom of the Start menu, type Folder Options into the Search box, then press the Enter key.
  3. Click on the View tab at the top of the Folder Options window and check the option to Show hidden files and folders (in Windows 11, this option is called Show hidden files, folders, and drives).
  4. Click Apply then OK.
  5. Return to the Start menu and select Computer, then double click Local Disk (C:), and then open the Program Files folder. On some systems, this folder is called ‘Program Files(x86)’.
  6. In the Program Files folder, find and open the folder for your game.
  7. In the game’s folder, locate the executable (.exe) file for the game–this is a faded icon with the game’s title.
  8. Right-click on this file, select Properties, and then click the Compatibility tab at the top of the Properties window.
  9. Check the Run this program as an administrator box in the Privilege Level section. Click Apply then OK.
  10. Once complete, try opening the game again


  1. First you will need YUZU Emulator. Download it from either Unfitgirl, .. Open it in WinRar, 7ZIP idk and then move the contents in a folder and open the yuzu.exe.
  2. There click Emulation -> Configure -> System -> Profile Then press on Add and make a new profile, then close yuzu
    Inside of yuzu click File -> Open yuzu folder. This will open the yuzu configuration folder inside of explorer.
  3. Create a folder called “keys” and copy the key you got from here and paste it in the folder.
  4. For settings open yuzu up Emulation -> Configure -> Graphics, Select OpenGL and set it to Vulkan or OpenGL. (Vulkan seems to be a bit bad atm) Then go to Controls and press Single Player and set it to custom
  5. Then Press Configure and set Player 1 to Pro Controller if you have a controller/keyboard and to Joycons if Joycons. Press Configure and press the exact buttons on your controller After you’re done press Okay and continue to the next step.
  6. Download any ROM you want from Unfitgirl, .. After you got your File (can be .xci or .nsp) create a folder somewhere on your PC and in that folder create another folder for your game.
  7. After that double-click into yuzu and select the folder you put your game folder in.
  8. Lastly double click on the game and enjoy it.

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